Coffeehouse Returns To ALHS Again

On Feb. 7, a group of uniquely talented students put on a show for their peers in the back of the Albert Lea High School auditorium. Coffeehouse returned for the second year in a row. This year it was during the Field Day portion of Winterfest week. 

Coffeehouse is an event unlike any other. While most talent shows have a formal atmosphere, this show has an intimate and casual feel, modeled after an open mic night. The stage in the auditorium was reversed, meaning that the performers stood at the front and faced the back of the stage. Students attended Coffeehouse could sit on the beanbags and couches provided, and coffee was sold for $1 a cup. 

Coffeehouse also featured a wide variety of acts. A signup sheet with 20 open slots was posted in December, and no auditions were held. This gave students the freedom to perform whatever they wished and eliminated the fear of not earning a place in the show. 

“It’s open to everyone, anyone, and any kind of act,” said Todd Lange, one of the Coffeehouse committee members. 

Though Coffeehouse has been canceled in the past due to scheduling conflicts, the students and teachers organizing it are working to prevent that from happening again. They believe that it is important to provide an alternative option for those who do not watch the dodgeball and volleyball tournaments during Winterfest Field Day. 

“As opposed to going to sit in the sweaty, hot gym, you get to come into the auditorium and have coffee and food,” said committee member Riley Johnston. 

As the final pieces fell into place, the Coffeehouse committee continued to advertise for the show. 

“Come to Coffeehouse because you get to watch Albert Lea’s true talent,” said Keygan Lundak, another member of the committee. “We sure have a lot of it.”