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Kae Bee, Staff Writer May 10, 2024

This year’s summer Olympics are heading to Paris, France.  The Olympics will be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024.  The Olympic games started more than 3,000 years ago. The first games were held...

The Maid

The Maid

Rosa Corey-Gruenes, Editor May 10, 2024

“The Maid” by Anita Prose is a classic whodunnit storyline. Throughout the book, we follow Molly the maid, who has just lost her grandmother. Throughout this loss, she is coping with the way she has...

Safe Haven Is Actually Dangerous

“Safe Haven” Is Actually Dangerous

Jorja Bolinger, Staff Writer April 9, 2024

If you had the chance, would you take it, even if it means risking everything? The novel “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks follows a girl named Erin. She has dealt with her drunk and abusive husband,...

Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Rosa Corey-Gruenes, Editor April 9, 2024

“Carrie Soto is Back” is another hit book by Taylor Jenkins Reid, the New York Best Selling Author most well-known for her hit books such as: “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” and “Daisy Jones...

Opal film cover

A Horrifying Story of Child Abuse

Ali Hafstad, Editor March 7, 2024

Child abuse comes in many forms. It’s a horrifying cycle that can continue for generations. It's a painful cycle for a child. The constant fear in your own home. Yet the need to search for a safe space...

At home Blizzard ingredients

Hasa Trys

Madelyn Anderson, Staff Writer March 7, 2024

This month the Ahlahasa staff decided to try and find the best way to make a copycat blizzard. As we no longer have a Dairy Queen in town and the popular ice cream shop, Eat’n Ice Cream, is closed for...

Bunny book cover

Book of the Month

Rosa Corey-Gruenes, Editor March 7, 2024

Bunny” by Mona Awad is a dark and deceptive book that’s extremely hard to consume. While you can flip through the pages relatively quickly, it’s a difficult story to actually understand the complexities...

Ahlahasa staff member, Mariajose Ruiz-Ceronio (12) made a Lego build as a tribute to Ahlahasa. Alongside that, Ahlahasa staff all added their own perosnalized Lego figure’s to acompany the build. If you want to check it out, it is in display right in front of room E200 Photo by Mariajose Ruiz-Ceronio

Warning: Don’t Eat the Legos

Mariajose Ruiz, Staff writer February 1, 2024

Spend time on the internet and you’ve probably run into some stop-motion animations, specifically stop-motion Lego cooking videos. A channel that makes these types of videos is the YouTube channel @Legocooking,...

ALHS Book Club Book Of The Month February 2024

ALHS Book Club Book Of The Month February 2024

Rosa Corey-Gruenes, Print Editor February 1, 2024

Circe” by Madeline Miller is a book that reimagines the Greek Mythology character Circe as she discovers her powers of witchcraft. Abandoned by everyone she knows, Gods and family alike, she finds solace...

A Charlie Brown Christmas movie cover

A Snoopy-ful Christmas

Ali Hafstad, Editor December 14, 2023

In elementary school, I remember before winter break the class would put together a party where we could wear pajamas and bring blankets to snuggle up in, while we enjoyed our hot chocolate, and holiday...

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