Ali Hafstad, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

Some say that purpose is what keeps you tied down to this earth, that it is the reason you wake up every morning and ultimately what you leave behind when you die. I like to think about purpose differently,...

None of your Bees Wax

Maddee Anderson, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

Students in high school constantly get involved in each other's business. Whether it is intentional, or they just happen to overhear hear things in halls, classes or wherever they may be. Once people hear...

Book Review: The Law of Inertia

Book Review: The Law of Inertia

Rosa Corey-Gruenes, Staff Writer October 11, 2022

As a part of the book club at ALHS I read ‘The Law of Inertia’ by Sophie Gonzales. In the ALHS book club we all come together as a group, create a book list, and periodically meet to talk about what...

In December, District 241 began building in one virtual Wednesday each month. Such days were designated off days for students and staff to catch up on homework, but they also function as a moment of rest amid hectic schedules and lifes stress.

Why Virtual Wednesdays Must Continue

Abby Chalmers , Editor April 12, 2022

The past two years have been hard on everyone. People have lost family members, jobs, motivation and so much more. Though circumstances have improved slightly since the beginning of this global pandemic,...

Students in the Symphony Orchestra practice their music during class. This orchestra is one of the many electives available to students, while the chamber orchestra is an extracurricular available to musicians looking for an opportunity to play more advanced music.

Get Involved

Abby Chalmers , Editor October 15, 2021

You only live once.  That’s what everyone always says, right? You only have one life to live, so live it to the fullest?  When I was younger, I mostly thought of that phrase as a joke--something...

This or That: Valentine’s Day

Zoe Sadauskis, Editor February 12, 2021

Dear ALHS Staff,

Dear ALHS Staff,

Zoe Sadauskis, Editor December 14, 2020

  The last few months have been stressful for everyone. No one has had it easy. As a senior applying to colleges, preparing for ACT testing and taking college courses, it’s no easy feat. We have...

Speaking Up and Speaking Your Mind

Speaking Up and Speaking Your Mind

Zoe Sadauskis, Editor December 10, 2020

Technology is an interesting thing for so many reasons.We have the ability to speak our minds; to say what we want without the feeling of being judged.  For example, look at me right now. You can't.  You're...

Students are sitting six feet apart from others while at school in accordance with recommendations set by the state. However, students have shifted to Virtual Hybrid learning and with all the changes to learning this year, it has had major effects on students.

Hybrid Model Limits Student Learning

Sophisticate B Day, Guest Writer December 3, 2020

This year due to COVID-19, the school district decided to use a hybrid model for student learning. Although there are multiple benefits to this model, we feel that it only hurts student learning.  For...

Freshman Emily Heilman sits in class with her backpack. In order to limit the spread of germs amid the COVID-19 pandemic, students have been allowed to carry backpacks instead of utilizing lockers.

Backpacks Should Be Allowed in School Permanently

Sophisticate A Day , Guest Writers December 1, 2020

COVID-19 has changed many things this year including students’ ability to carry backpacks in school to slow the spread of germs. Although backpacks have not been allowed at ALHS, there is a list of reasons...

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