Juniors Attend Career Day


On October 25, juniors had the opportunity to attend a career day held at the Riverland Community College in Austin. Students had the chance to meet representatives from numerous colleges, check out some classes that are offered on campus and participate in games offered at each station.
Chelsie Hinrichs, a counselor at ALHS, was one of the people that organized the field trip. She said the goal of the day was to start to get students thinking about their post-high school futures.
“I’m having meetings with a lot of the seniors right now and I either get the response of: ‘Yup, I got it; everything’s totally good to go’ or I get “oh my gosh; I haven’t even started that,” said Hinrichs.
Applying to colleges and choosing a specific one may catch up to seniors, so it’s important that students start being aware of the different processes, colleges and programs before senior year begins.
Amy Lageson is another counselor that took part in the field trip.
“It’s a good way for them to explore all over, and then they can start making connections with either people at Riverland or people at the college fair,” said Lageson.
This year’s Career Day included: getting to pick and choose which professions to explore, interacting with teachers who actually teach at the college, having the chance to complete activities. Some of those activities include: administering shots on “skin,” performing experiments, or getting a bruise drawn on your face or arm.
One of the areas that students could explore was cosmetology. There, the students filled out questions about what cosmetology entails, and then had the option of getting their hair or makeup done. They also offered chair massages.
In the art room, students got the chance to construct something with clay using a pottery wheel. The students got to write their initials on their piece and can come back to paint their creations after they’re fired in the kiln.
Career Day received positive feedback from students who attended this year’s event. Rachel Bera is one of the juniors who found this year’s Career Day useful.
“Talking to all the different colleges was helpful, so that I can figure out which college I want to go to,” said Bera.
Lexus Saltou, another junior who attended the event, enjoyed the chemistry lab. “My favorite part of the whole day was getting to make cheese in the Chem lab,” said Saltou.