Boys Hockey


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Hockey stick and puck

When I talked to the Boys Hockey captains they all had very good things to say about their team. I spoke to them all separately however they all agreed on one thing, hockey is a team sport. Each of them have built valuable relationships through the sport that have carried on throughout their high school years. 

Tim Chalmers, senior, has been playing hockey for about 15 years. He plays defense at the moment but says he can play anywhere he is needed. “I don’t really think about points or anything,” Tim stated when asked how the season is going. The team is 11 to 4 at the moment, raking in the wins for the season. 

Joseph Yoon, senior, has been playing hockey for about 10 years. He is a forward, so he can play center or wing. He will also occasionally play defense if he is needed. When I asked how the season is going Joseph said “as a team we are doing really good,” not mentioning the many wins or points they have gained throughout the season. 

Max Edwin, senior, has been playing hockey since he was 3 years old. He will normally play center in the game. Max brought up the fact that they are 11 and 4 when asked how the team is doing this season. “It has been a pretty good season so far,” he stated. 

Obviously all of the captains this year are very proud of what their team has accomplished. They hope to keep it going throughout the rest of the season, but they showed that even if they do not continue to win they will still love the sport as well as the team.