King Jens Lange


First chair violinist of Symphony Orchestra, captain of the cross country and track teams and now: 2017 Homecoming King-all accomplishments that senior, Jens Lange, has a list of accomplishments attached to his name.
Lange is involved in National Honor Society, chamber orchestra, jazz band, marching band, Knowledge Bowl and choir. Lange’s high school career has been filled with sports and music since day one and dedicating much of his time to each interest.
“I enjoy doing all of these things [activities],” said Lange. “So I make time for all of them.”
That is not to say that his social life has suffered because of his packed schedule. Lange is universally well-liked throughout his grade and to underclassmen and staff members. It was no surprise to his fellow classmates when he was nominated and won the title of Homecoming King.
“I was very surprised,” Lange said. “I didn’t think I was going to win.”
Besides now being jokingly referred to as “The King,” Lange strives to put his academics first, which has made him to be regarded as one of the most intelligent students in the senior class. He Believes his greatest strength to be his ability put effort into his studies along with anything else he aspires to be a part of.
“I’m not the most talented but you can get ahead by putting in the work,” said Lange.
From his early childhood dreams of being a professional soccer player or an architect, the work Lange has put into the various aspects of his life shows to others students and peers and has made him into an admirable person.
Though Lange isn’t sure where he’ll attend college or what he’ll do there, the future is bright and full of possibilities where every journey begins at square one and where success continually motivates him. “
I’ll start there [college],” said Lange. “I’m inspired by success and thinking about the work you’re doing now will mean for you in the future.”