Bowling Team Takes Third

The Albert Lea bowling team has been around for 26 years, and many students have been involved with it throughout that time. They have been very successful along with having great players on the team.
Last year the bowling team went to state. They have translated last year’s success into a motivator for this year. As of November 3, The Albert lea bowling team is ranked number one in the South Central Division with a match count of 8-4 and a game count of 39-21.
“I love bowling because it is a trial and error,” said junior Scotty Gilbertson, Gilbertson has been bowling for three years. He loves how bowling is a game like a
“[My plan is] to bowl in college.” Caden Reichl, 10, has been bowling since he was seven. He has had a successful season and past season bowling. He says students should join the team because of the tournaments. Reichl is ranked number five in the conference, Gilbertson is ranked eleventh, Blake Grunzke, 10, follows Gilbertson in twelfth place, Brandon Espe, 8, is in twenty-first place and Spencer Larson 11, is in twenty-second place out of the top twenty five bowlers in the conference.
As of November 6, the Albert Lea bowling team are ranked third in the conference after their match on Nov. 4 with a count of 10-6 for matches and 50-30 for games. Their team average for a score is 180.7000, the team’s high average score is 268.
“I haven’t done the high school team every year,” Loren Kiser, the bowling coach, said. “There’s a couple times I’ve given it up for a couple of other kid’s grandparents or a dad, but I’ve been around here the whole time.”
Kiser has been coaching bowling since 1990. He started bowling after was asked to join a bowling team in 1972. He has played in many leagues since then and still bowls on his free time.
“At first, my first wife could beat me at bowling”, Kiser said. “I didn’t play. But once I got started I really got hooked on it.”
His family grew up to love bowling as well. They all still bowl to this day when they can. Kiser loves seeing the kids improve and having a great time with them.
Each player has a different way to work harder towards being the best bowler they can be. Whether it is asking questions, working with Kiser personally or working with other coaches, practicing and competing.
Albert Lea has a huge variety of sports students can join along with clubs and bowling is just one of the many great activities.