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Stress Hits Staff

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Whether it is applying for college, thinking about what you want to do when you get done with school, tests, college classes, writing essays, presentations, extracurricular activities, jobs, family things or friend things, stress is never going away.
As teenagers we think we can do it all. Some have two jobs, others are multi-sport players; students are taking more college classes and it all can get on top of you.
It’s easy to lose track of everything you’re involved with, but there are a few ways to keep yourself organized, planner or putting a reminder in your phone to keep you on track. Also if you are overbooking yourself, it might be easier to evaluate what things are more important to you and cut out the rest. When you have too much stuff it is easy to feel like everything is on your shoulders.
When you don’t try to do everything you will have more time to relax and have more time for other things. Studying and homework… not the most fun thing to do, we all get distracted by our phones, TVs, tablets, computers, sports and other activities. It’s easy to push everything off.
Although we all would love to do it and just chose to “forget” our homework, it is beneficial and it can give you academic success. Set some time out of your day just for studying or homework and put your phone or other electronics somewhere out of reach so you’re not tempted to go on them.
Taking small breaks between studying can help you not feel overwhelmed too. Study groups can help too. Don’t cram studying in on the night before the test. You will lose sleep and that won’t help you at all during the test.
Throughout all of this, the most important thing to do is sleep. You can’t function on one to four hours of sleep and an energy drink. Also find time for yourself to relax is great.
Do something you love; reading, cuddling a pet or taking a walk are just a few ways you can relax. Just slow down and take a breath. Being overwhelmed and stressed along with no sleep does not do anyone any good.

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Stress Hits Staff