NHS Increases Members

On Nov. 13 National Honor Society inducted around 50 new students into the organization. National Honor Society, or NHS, is a selected group of students with academic excellence who work together in the community and school to make it a better place through their acts of service and volunteering.
The NHS induction ceremony took place in the high school auditorium. At the event the four officers, President Lisbeth Magdaleno-Garcia, Vice President Jill Peterson, Secretary Madeline Fjermestad and Treasurer Sydney Doran, each gave a speech about the four pillars of National Honors Society.
To become part of NHS the students were invited to apply due to their cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, which represents their academic success, advisor Janece Jeffrey said. Then they filled out an application and wrote an essay, along with getting recommendations from their teachers. The submissions are then looked over by the Faculty Council, a group of teachers who analyze the applications, to see if the student fits into the other three categories which inlclude character, service and leadership.
This school year NHS is “hoping to expand their work with the Special Olympics to create more integrated opportunities at our school,” said Jeffrey.