MCs Roar For Stage

Tiger’s Roar is a talent show that goes on at Albert Lea High School every March. It allows students to show their creativity and talents three nights a year. This year’s show will be held March 22-24 in the auditorium. The theme this year is Fairy tale Roar.
This year the MCs for Tiger’s Roar are seniors Madeline Fjermestad, Kyle Nelson, Greta Hagen, Josh Englin, Sydney Doran and Alexandra Eckstrom. MCs in Tiger’s Roar are what keep the audience entertained between acts, introduce the acts, and keep the mood throughout the show. This year’s MC have a lot of jokes and puns to keep the audience laughing and making the night enjoyable.


Senior Madeline Fjermestad has been a MC for Tiger’s Roar for a while this will be her third year being an MC. Fjermestad thinks this year’s Tiger’s Roar is going to be good because the theme gives people a lot of options for acts. There’s a lot of comedy acts, and a lot of singing and playing musical instruments. Fjermestad is hoping to bring humor and excitement to the show.
Fjermestad enjoys the arts and has been in choir for two years in the past.
“I really love the performing arts and think they’re important to try at least once in life,” Fjermestad said.
Fjermestad is going to be in the Whiskers Are We act with Hagen. This is their sequel to last year’s act. Hagen and Fjermestad are seniors so they wanted to make a final Whiskers Are We.

Senior Greta Hagen is excited about this year’s Tiger’s Roar since there is a lot of new ideas and creative people and the show is original. Hagen is a creative person outside of Tiger’s Roar. She enjoys doing skits for fun with friends. Hagen wanted to try out to be an MC in the past but never had the props ready and didn’t get around to doing it. This year though her friends were trying out, and she thought it was fun, so she decided to try out. Hagen also is going to be in two different acts in Tiger’s Roar.
“I’m trying out for two acts: one is called Deaf Con and it’s a sign language act and the other is called Whiskers Are We and it’s about two crazy cat ladies that own a cat shop that sells cats,” Hagen said.

Senior Kyle Nelson likes planning things and putting things together. Nelson is optimistic about this year’s show. He hopes to bring energy and laughter to the show. Nelson enjoys the arts. He is in concert choir and has been in a number of plays at Albert Lea High School such as “The Little Mermaid”, “Grease”, and most recently the one act play “The Other Room.”
“This year is going to be great just like every year we have a lot of talented people,” Nelson said.
Other than being an MC Nelson is also doing a skit for Tiger’s Roar. Nelson’s skit is called Puns Upon A Time and it’s about a prince that’s choosing his bride while using puns to make it fun.

Senior Sydney Doran said she auditioned for the Tigers Roar MC because it is her last year and she wanted to try out because of her friend Alex Eckstrom, senior, who told her to do it with her so they auditioned.
“We have these inside jokes so we said let’s do it and try out for Tiger’s Roar,” Doran said.
Doran is a outgoing person. Classmates describe her as a persistent, smart, and a fun person to be with. Doran is on the dance team and she also plays soccer. Doran always have a big smile when it is her time to shine.

Senior Alex Eckstrom decided to audition for a Tigers Roar MC because it looks fun and her friends are doing it too. She decided to audition. Eckstrom is really excited for this year show.
“It is really good and has a good variety of acts,” Eckstrom said.
Eckstrom loves to have fun. People describe her as a caring, pretty, smart, and kind person. She is a friend that loves to laugh. Eckstrom enjoys playing basketball and is a right side hitter in volleyball. She also joined the school play this fall which was the “Little Mermaid”. Friends describe Eckstrom as a understanding person who does not judge and tries to make people feel comfortable with her.

Senior Josh Englin in is excited for this year’s show. Englin has experience in performing and was the male lead and love interest, Prince Eric, in the fall musical, “The Little Mermaid”.
“It [Tiger’s Roar] has lot of good acts and is very fun also,” Englin said.
People would describe him as a funny, creative dancer, and a hilarious person. He was also on the varsity boys’ soccer team and boys swimming. Englin knows how to make people laugh and be happy with his unique way of telling jokes and dancing.