Tran Wins Golden Apple Award

Rhiannon Farr

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Mr. Dibble kicked in the door,” Hoang Tran, biology teacher said. “He had a reporter and a camera behind him, and at first– I thought I was in trouble.”
Recently, Tran had been nominated and received The Golden Apple Award thanking him for all of his hard work inside and outside of the classroom.
Sophomore Kendra Olson, student of Tran, believes the reason Tran won the award was because of his ability to care for students.
“He is a good listener,” Olson said. “He makes time to help his students.”
Tran said it was an absolute shock and he was not expecting to win, or even be nominated, but one of his first thoughts after shock ran out of his body a was about how lucky he was.
“This tells me what I am doing is working,” Tran said. “I’m doing my job. I’m lucky I have the great students that would even nominate me.”

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Albert Lea High School Newspaper
Tran Wins Golden Apple Award