Throwing In a New Coach


Gracie Studier

The team huddles to discuss plans and encourages one another before the game. The girls played Mankato East on Feb 11th

Sports has always been an interest of girl’s basketball head coach Gina Klennert.
In her four years in Albert Lea, Klennert has been a volleyball, softball and basketball coach.
“Although many people value the team’s success by wins and losses, we value our success by going 1-0 each day.” Klennert said, “As long as we are better basketball players, students, friends, family members etc, at the end of the day that is the beginning, then we were successful.”
The girls have a current count of 2-20, and won their first conference game for the first time in two seasons.
Although Klennert is already seen as a great coach, she is always looking for ways to improve the team and improve to be the best coach she can be.
“I am constantly reading articles, watching videos, looking up different offensive and defensive schemes to try to stay relevant and competitive in today’s game of basketball,” Klennert said.
Klennert’s biggest commitment offseason is being available to her players.
Klennert isn’t the only one working to be the best they can be.
“Many of our athletes spend their offseason lifting weights,” Klennert said. “Playing AAU and shooting [baskets] in preparation for the upcoming seasons.”
Building a relationship with the players is what Klennert enjoys the most about being a head coach,
“I get to share the game I love with a group of girls who are eager and willing to learn the game,” Klennert said.
“With new coaches come new experiences and new ideas,” junior Kalli Citurs said.
Citurs is a forward varsity player and has played on varsity for two years. The team has made many memories this season but Citurs’s favorite was playing Bean Boozled at the holiday tournament when Klennert ate all the brown jelly beans.
“She says it’s because she wanted to know the taste of the chocolate pudding,” Citurs said. “But my whole team agrees it’s because she’s in love with the taste of canned dog food.”
It was a memorable season for the girls, full of new firsts and memories.
“I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with an amazing group of players, coaches and staff that make our program successful,” said Klennert.