Night to Shine


Guests and volunteers pose for photo after coronation. Becky Rognes and the committee are happy that they received so much help from the community. “I was in tears I mean I was just so thankful that there was so many of you what wanted to participate,” Rognes said. Photo Submitted

Hair, make up, the red carpet and the paparazzi.
Tim Tebow, a professional football player, created the Tim Tebow Foundation, to spread love faith and hope. Part of this foundation was to give a special night to kids with special needs. This Foundation started in 2010, recently First Lutheran Church became a part of the foundation and gave special need students from ALHS a Night to Shine.
The night started off the girls getting their makeup and hair done professionally. The boys had their shoes shined. They all also received a corsage or a boutonniere, then at the start of the dance they walked the red carpet with paparazzi and a whole camera crew.
The Night to Shine is an event that is popular in Florida. This foundation came know to Pastor Sean Forde because they had just recently moved here from Florida. Forde asked Becky Rognes, mother of sophomore Lindsay Rognes if this was something she and her daughter would have in interest in doing. They were completely on board.
“I think that having a night for them that really focuses on their giftedness and how loved they are by God that is really what we really want them to know through this event,” Forde said. “And to really have a time of fellowship and friendship with their friends and even new people they haven’t met before.”
First the church had to be approved to be a benefactor of the Tim Tebow Foundation.
Rognes says this foundation dedicates their time to really making the night special, they even sent packets of papers on setup and decoration. They instead called for the help of ALHS students.
“I was in tears,” Rognes said. “I mean I was just so thankful that there was so many of you that wanted to participate and do this and make it a special night”
Planning started in late December early January. Senior, Anna Boettcher invited to come to the meetings to help plan and be a part of the actual event. Boettcher helped decorate for the event, she was very excited to attend the event since it was the first event like this held in Albert Lea. She says she had more fun at the Night then she did at prom.
As the night went on the guests were crowned and had the chance to do some karaoke. Hunter Johnson, freshmen, says he enjoyed the Night to Shine event. He thinks it’s important for kids to not have a night to dance and have fun and not be with their parents all the time. Johnson says even his mom enjoyed the event and even more so when he faced his fear and sang karaoke, which was his favorite part.
“We had a lounge room for the parents but they had a tough time leaving,” Rognes said. “Because they all enjoyed watching their kids do things that they wouldn’t normally.”
Rognes, also enjoyed the dance. She said she thinks all kids should have a special night a night where they can know they are cared for, noticed a night to feel special.
Most of the volunteers, and planners would help with this event. They believe it is important for all kids to have a Night to Shine.
“I think all kids should have a special night.” Rognes said.

Hunter Johnson (9) poses for a picture in the photo booth. Many parents stayed to watch their kids go out of their comfort zones. “It’s nice to get away from our parents for a while,” Johnson said. Photo Submitted
Becca Schei (12), is crowned by Madison Lindely (12). The Night to Shine event was a prom for teens with special needs. Photo Submitted
Anna Grossklaus (8) and Tiffany Robitaille (8) make their grand entrance on the red carpet. “I was singing karaoke,” Grossklaus said. “I got my crown it was fun!” Photo Submitted