New Spring Play Director

Andrew Anderson is a newer face, set up in the E wing, he teaches underclassman English courses, and starting this year, directs the spring play.
The job of director starts simply, with picking a show. This year Anderson has chosen to take on the temporarily lost play, “Is he Dead” by Mark Twain. The manuscript was found only in 2002, after being lost for over 100 years and now it’s coming to ALHS.
The show features a starving artist, desperate to make some money, and save the woman he loves from a forced marriage. Driven to recklessness, he fakes his own death and poses as his sister to sell his own art. The play follows his struggle as he fights to reclaim his identity without reclaiming his debt.
Anderson believes it will be interesting to say the least, and with a background everything theater he’s sure to be a trusted critic.
Over his high school, college and community theater career his resume includes jobs from lights to lead roles, a veteran of the performing arts he’s ready to take on his role as director.