Staff Editorial: Welcome Back ALHS

Welcome back to school students and staff! It’s nice to see all the familiar faces again as well as all of the new faces we’ve gained this year.  We hope everyone had a great summer but now it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully everyone was able to find their classes and get into their lockers without difficulty. Even though it might be a struggle at first to get used to getting sleep times cut in half, spending more time doing homework than with friends, taking hours studying for a single test and having to balance everything again, it will get easier.
With the start of the new year, it’s nice to be aware of all the clubs and activities our high school has to offer. Last year we had several clubs such as Knowledge Bowl, Spanish Club, French Club, Key Club, Chess Club, Albert Lea Anglers, FFA and the Environmental Awareness Club. Those interested to get involved in music should look into joining band, choir, orchestra or the  musical that is put on in the fall. The high school also offers a wide variety of sports. We encourage everyone who doesn’t join a new club or sport, to go and support your fellow peers at their games, meets, concerts, matches and events. High school goes by faster than it seems. Try to get the most out of it. Get involved.
“New year, new me” is a saying we’re sure almost everyone has heard by now and this probably seems cliché but it’s definitely a good idea to try to better yourselves this upcoming school year whether that be ditching those toxic friends, improving your homework habits, getting active or practicing your instrument more than twice a semester. Setting goals is also one of the keys to having a good year because it helps build motivation.
High school is what you make of it. We hope that everyone has a good year filled with many successes. Let’s all contribute to making this year a memorable one!