Classifying Sports

September 27, 2015


Photo Submitted by Brianna Shea

(L-R) Brianna Shea (11), Kalie Michaelis (10), Morgan Phillips (11), Mackenzie Breamer (10), Lauren Sorenson (2015 Graduate)

Ok, so basically to me dance is a sport. Just like how to some people, golf is a sport or bowling is a sport. Along with many more, but when people “diss” on your sport, claiming that it shouldn’t qualify as one, we get defensive.

But why?

Maybe because it brings out a significance, that word. Sport. Or maybe it makes the activity more professional when said it is a sport. The real question is why do we get so defensive?

My advice is to ignore it and move on. I know, it’s hard. You want to snap and backlash on them, tell them how hard your sport is, maybe even offend their sport. That will NOT help you at all.

The reason they say things is they know it grinds your gears, bursts your bubbles. They love to get a reaction out of you and watch your cute face get all red, your mind try to form a sentence that will explain to them how angry it makes you when they say it. But the best thing to do is to not give them a reaction. Sooner or later they will realize it doesn’t bother you (even though secretly it may) and they will stop bugging you about it.

The opinion of others matter, obviously, but it doesn’t give anyone a right to say mean things and disrespect what others may or may not be doing. Not just specifically for this, but in all facets of life. When people trash on your activity, whether it’s basketball, dance, frisbee or cloud watching, you’re the only one who could ever understand how much that activity means to you.

I am a member of the Albert Lea Dance Team. As unlucky as I usually am, I can proudly say that I’m so fortunate to have my teammates. They welcome new members, instantly bringing them into our family of 50 or so girls. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be on any other team. We all love each other and think of the positive as much as we can, especially when people give us a hard time.

Like last year’s Winterfest Pepfest situation. We don’t need to go into details since it is in the past, but things like that can do damage on one’s self-confidence. It took a few days, but we picked ourselves up and continued on our way, leaving everything on the floor when we performed at the next event, and we rocked it.

So when someone trashes, disrespects or disses on your activity, just blow it off. Maybe even nod and say “I respect your opinion, even though mine is different.” Say anything other than retorting back and sinking to their level. You know how much your team works. Just use their words to motivate you to do better.

I also highly encourage some of the readers who don’t respect a certain sport or activity to attend one of their practices. You want to come to a dance practice? Let me know. I will talk to my coach and captains about it. We’ll make arrangements.


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