1,000 Points for Skarstad


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Samantha Skarstad in a game against Byron.

You’ll see her around school surrounded by friends with a smile on her face. She greets everyone she knows and doesn’t. Her friends describe her as athletic, warm-hearted, a friend to all, cool, and collected. Senior Samantha Skarstad is not only amazing off the court, but on it as well.
“I am involved with tennis, basketball and have done softball and track in past seasons,” said Skarstad. “I am involved with Link Crew, National Honor Society, Humanities Club, and my adaptive gym class.”
Skarstad has been playing basketball for eight years. Just recently she scored her 1,000th point which took her four years to achieve.
“I am really happy with my performance,” said Skarstad. “I reached my goal of scoring 1000 points, but more importantly, our team is doing amazing this year. We are being competitive in every game we play, and we have doubled our win total from last year.”
But points and wins aren’t the only things that impact a team according to Skarstad.
“Our team is doing amazing this year,” Said Skarstad. “We are being competitive in every game we play, and we have doubled our win total from last year. I am also proud of how our chemistry has been this year, we are a tight-knit group and this translates onto the court.”
Her advice for new players encourages them to just keep trying.
“.. A big thing that younger players can do is to give themselves credit,” said Skarstad. “There are lots of times that people give up because it is too hard, or they look silly doing it. But you have to remind yourself that in any new thing, there is going to be growing pains. You have to fail in order to succeed. By giving yourself grace and credit, it will help you stay motivated and passionate for the game.”
After high school, Skarstad wants to attend Augustana University to major in Special Education.
“I want to be a person who younger kids look up to,” said Skarstad. “.. and in order for that to happen I need to be the best Sam Skarstad I can be.”
Skarstad leaves us with these parting words to summarize how she feels about her life choices.
“As my senior year closes out, I could not be more proud of my career and how I have helped my team be the best that we can be,” said Skarstad.