Brenda De Rosas
Grade: 12

How long have you been a student Journalist?: "2 years, this will be my third."

Who's your celebrity WCW/ MCM?: "Ryan Reynolds."

Who/ What inspires you? Why?: "Warrior women like Angie Zoller Barker, Haley DeSart and Michelle Obama. They are persistent, wonderful in every aspect and are boss at everything they do."

What's your favorite cake, or if you don't like cake other sweetly prepared food?: "Any cake is good cake."

What is the most distant place you've visited (from your home)? "Mexico."

Favorite age you've been so far?: "1."

What do you look forward to this school year?: "Having a set date for coffee house."

Fun Fact about you: "I don't like to wear shoes."

Brenda De Rosas, News Editor

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