Off the Shelf: Review of “The Memory of Things”

The cover for The Memory of Things

The cover for “The Memory of Things”

The author Gae Polisner author of “The Pull of Gravity” and “The Summer of Letting Go” recently published her new book “The Memory of Things.” The book is about a high school student, Kyle Donahue who watched the first tower go down, trying to escape the ash and broken glass not having time to worry about his dad who could possibly be caught in the middle of it all, his mom and sister possibly on a plane heading to New York, or his paralyzed uncle alone at home.
Running away from what a few minutes ago were part of the Twin Towers. He sees a giant bird about to jump off the bridge, unsure of what he saw he instinctively runs back and grabs it. To his surprise it is a girl with large wings and covered in ash and decides to take the girl home with him.
“The Memory of Things,” a fearful yet heartwarming novel that emphasizes the existence of love even through terrible times. Polisner decided to switch back in forth between Kyle Donahue and the girl with the wings who no longer knows her name.
This format contributes to the understanding of her situation for a couple reasons that will make sense further along in the book. An easy read for everyone.