Brenda De Rosas

Everything I know is a lie.
Realizing that high school was nothing like “High School Musical” one through three was quite a disappointment. Except for one thing. College stress.
I don’t think high school has ever more stress than picking a college did. College seemed like a constant battle between what I wanted and what the universe was telling me. I will be attending Gustavus Adolphus College this fall for a major in nursing and a Spanish minor. I am certain I chose the right fit for me. As cliché as it might sound, follow your heart. Being happy is important.
High school was quite a journey, tears and laughs, laughs and tears all in all it was a time I will always remember. Thanks to all the wonderful teachers who were always helpful and positive. I am proud to say that I will not have to take math anymore for the rest of my life. (Thanks Gentz) Special thanks to those of you have made my senior year great. My tennis and mock trial team, Netzer, ZB, Gentz, Haley and my staff that’s you and many others. Thank you.