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Albert Lea High School Newspaper


Albert Lea High School’s Publications Program Has a Big Distribution Week

Rosa Corey-Gruenes, Editor May 9, 2024

The I-mag hosted its first ever Coffee Shop event to sell its literary magazine, coffee and select pastries on Wednesday, May 8th. This is the first time in five years that the high school's literary magazine...

Prank Shooter Threats Surge Across the Nation

Prank Shooter Threats Surge Across the Nation

Marissa Hanson, Editor September 21, 2022

There is currently no threat to ALHS the school day will continue as normal. None of the threats that have been made to any of the schools have been proven to be legitimate. There is an automated message...

Presidential Inauguration

Zoe Sadauskis, Editor February 2, 2021

January 20 was the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris; A day that starts a long chain of change. President Biden was a six-term senator from Delaware, President Barack Obama’s...

Being An Essential Worker

Being An Essential Worker

Lydia Fluth, Editor April 21, 2020

I am an essential worker.  On March 25, Minnesota governor Tim Walz made the executive order of “staying at home” to begin on Friday, March 27. This began the quarantine of Minnesota due to the...

With quarantine keeping us at home, binge-watching Netflix is becoming an even more popular pastime. If youre stuck and unsure of what to watch, this list contains a variety of shows that may help you beat your boredom.

The Battle Against Boredom

Abby Chalmers, Staff Writer April 20, 2020

The COVID-19 outbreak has created many significant changes in our life. Instead of going to school, we log onto our Chromebooks and complete our learning online. Regulations and recommendations by the...

No Filter Needed

Savannah Simpson, Art Coordinator August 31, 2014

  Followers: 900 and counting. One to two pictures daily. Three mental illnesses. Taylor Edson, junior, is overcoming those three illnesses through the followers and the pictures, all via Instagram....

Visiting a Foreign Land

Jacob Jenson, Website Coordinator August 31, 2014

    For many people, the holiday season may mean traveling to a relative’s house or taking a tropical vacation somewhere, but for a few people in Albert Lea it meant seeing the most ancient...

Fitzlaff in the Flakes

Syne Barr, Artist August 30, 2014

  Carissa’s first experience in the snow ended up with her in a ditch. "My dad told me it had to be a new record," Carissa said. "Only ten minutes driving and I was already in a ditch." Hailing...

Poverty in A.L.

Jacob Jenson, Website Coordinator August 30, 2014
14 percent of people living in Albert Lea live at or below the poverty line. -U.S. Census Bureau

On a mission

Kade Wiemerslage, Co-Editor August 29, 2014
“These kids were so full of life and energy, it was hard to think that these kids didn’t get everything they needed.” -Luis Hidalgo, senior
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