The Battle Against Boredom

What To Do With The Quarantine Blues


With quarantine keeping us at home, binge-watching Netflix is becoming an even more popular pastime. If you’re stuck and unsure of what to watch, this list contains a variety of shows that may help you beat your boredom.

The COVID-19 outbreak has created many significant changes in our life. Instead of going to school, we log onto our Chromebooks and complete our learning online. Regulations and recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization tell us to practice social distancing, which limits our interactions with people outside of our immediate family. Stores, restaurants, gyms, and many other public places have either changed their functionality or closed down completely, leaving us with even fewer options when it comes to entertainment. Fortunately, today’s technology can provide many amusing diversions for us, all while staying in line with the requirements set by health professionals. The list of pastimes below is the perfect weapon to wield in the battle against boredom. 



  • Netflix Party



Netflix Party is an extension available to download on the Chrome browser. It allows viewers to watch Netflix shows while communicating with others through a chatroom sidebar. To use this extension, all participants involved must download the app. Then, the Netflix Party host can send out a link that will bring others to the show being watched. From there, viewers can message each other while watching the show, which makes for a perfect online movie party. The only drawback of this extension is that all users must have their own Netflix accounts to participate. 



  • Rave 



Rave is much like Netflix Party, but it has a broader range when it comes to the platforms available to view. To use Rave, the first step is to download the app on an iOS or Android device. You must create an account and send out invites/friend requests to those you want to watch with. From there, you can check out the options provided by Rave, including YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, and Reddit. In addition to the ability to text through the app, Rave also provides the option of voice chatting. However, you may want to make sure that your chat room is set to private. Otherwise, your group is open to all and may attract people you don’t know. 



  • Exercise 



It may sound cliche, but this time of isolation could be the perfect time to improve your fitness. Not only can exercise improve your physical health, but it can also help your mental and emotional health. Weather permitting, a simple 15-minute walk outside can give your brain a break from any stressors that may come with online school and/or being apart from close friends. With technology, we can exercise with others even when we are not with them. FaceTime, Houseparty, and other social media platforms create opportunities to see and talk to friends while on a walk, run, or during a home workout. YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook can also connect us to fitness influencers who share workouts online. Thanks to the Internet, there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to exercise. Giving home workouts a try with a friend over FaceTime may be the perfect way to discover what kind of fitness works for you. 



  • Cooking 



Cooking and baking can be a rewarding activity… that is, if everything goes according to the recipe. Whether the final products of your cooking endeavors are successes or failures, the fun is often in the making. Like with the other activities, FaceTiming your friends and trying to bake or cook something only adds to the entertainment. Holding a virtual cupcake or dessert war could be a great way to pass time while also talking with friends and potentially creating a delicious snack. An interesting twist to add: only bake or cook with ingredients you already have in your house! 



  • Drive-in movie



Who knew that movie theaters popular in the 1950s would fit the requirements of social distancing? This activity involves watching a movie or a television show with your friends, in person, but while sitting in your car. There are a few ways to go about this activity. The host of the movie should have some way to play the movie on a large scale, most often using a projection unit to cast the film onto a flat, white surface. This can be done on the side of a building, like a house, shed, or garage. The guests park their cars with either the front or back facing the movie. Some people choose to open their trunk and watch the movie while reclining in the bed of their vehicle. It’s important that, if you choose to host or attend a drive-in movie, you follow the rules of social distancing. If you choose to eat while watching, be sure to bring your own snacks rather than consuming food that other people have touched. Stay in your car and keep at least 6 feet between yourself and others at all times. This activity is riskier in regards to the COVID-19 virus, so it is important to obey the guidelines that have been set. 



  • Games 



Board games are another great way to pass time. However, not everyone owns a physical copy of Monopoly. Once again, the Internet provides a solution. Games like Clue, the Game of Life, Scrabble, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Monopoly, Uno, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry!, and other classics have been adapted into apps available for download. Many of these games can be played with your friends and family online. Another way to connect with others through an app is by using GamePigeon. Many people have been utilizing this iMessage extension for a while, and this time of social distancing has made it an even more valuable source of entertainment. However, GamePigeon only works on Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, meaning that not everyone will be able to use it. The app contains a wide variety of games, including Mini Golf, Cup Pong, Basketball, Darts, Sea Battle, and many others. 


These are just a few ideas to help keep you busy during this time of isolation. Whatever you decide to spend your time on, remember to follow the recommendations of health care professionals and stay safe!