Presidential Inauguration

January 20 was the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris; A day that starts a long chain of change. President Biden was a six-term senator from Delaware, President Barack Obama’s Vice President and now the United States of America’s 46th president. However, he is not alone in his leadership. Leading by Biden’s side is Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President as well as the first African American and first Asian American person to hold this much power in the United States. 

The inauguration included many speakers including Biden, Harris and many more. The event was hosted by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobachar. In his speech, Biden stressed the importance of unity and putting an end to the “uncivil war”. He wishes to restore the soul of America and put an end to the divided nation. Many high profile individuals attended the event, including almost all former living presidents, except Presidents Jimmy Carter and Donald Trump who were not in attendance. 

Amanda Gorman, the National Laureate Poet, recited her poem “The Hill We Climb” to millions of Americans as they watched from across the country. She emphasized the events in the Capitol on Jan. 6, and made note of how far the country has come regarding race, but also how much further it has to go and needs to do to truly become a country of freedom. 

Within the first week of his presidency, Biden has signed 22 executive orders. This is far more than any other previous president in that same time frame. Within the first few days, the United States has rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, banned private prisons, and reversed the 2018 transgender military ban; The orders reverse many actions former President Trump made.  Biden has signed a multitude of executive orders involving the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes overall health and safety, protecting healthcare and federal workers, correcting the flow of data, expanding care and supplying vaccinations, economic relief for everyday Americans and small businesses to name a few examples.