New Teacher Feature: James Flores


Meet Mr. James Flores, who is a new addition to the Special Education department.

At the beginning of each school year, the population of ALHS experiences an influx of both students and staff. Transitioning into a different school environment can be quite a challenge, as one is often completely flooded with new faces and experiences. This shock is felt not only by those who arrive at our school, but also by those who have been at ALHS for some time. To help ease this adjustment and to assist in acquainting new staff members with the students and other staff at ALHS, the Ahlahasa will be doing features on the latest additions to our Tiger family. 

Among the new faces at ALHS is Special Education teacher James Flores. Flores was born in Houston, Texas and attended college at Winona State University in Winona, Minn. While in Winona, he majored in Elementary and Middle School Education with an emphasis in Special Education. He then went on to attend Bethel University in St. Paul, Minn, for his graduate studies. Flores chose to become a teacher because he wanted to be able to impact the lives of the students in a positive way. As a high school student, he had been assisted and supported by his own teachers and wanted to be able to do the same for others. 

I became an educator to return and give to my students the same opportunity I was given by gifted and kind-hearted teachers who saw past the rough and broken exterior and helped me earn a high school diploma,” he said. 

Flores currently teaches a wide variety of students, with grade levels ranging from eighth graders to seniors. He also teaches many different subjects, including English, math, science, social studies and Skills for Success. Along with those traditional school subjects, Flores aims to teach students how to successfully handle their feelings and thoughts when dealing with challenging situations. 

“The most valuable thing I feel I can teach a student is to think through the emotions that might be overwhelming them,” he said. 

Flores also urges students to take care when vocally expressing their feelings. 

“Be mindful of what you say,” he said. “For once it comes out of your mouth, it cannot be unsaid.”

Flores has a diverse background in regards to education, and he hopes that he can utilize those skills to help the community. He was also drawn to Albert Lea because his spouse is a district employee as well. 

My wife, Mrs. Flores, also works at Southwest Middle School here in Albert Lea and has loved working in the district,” Flores said. “I wanted to share in that enjoyment.”

Outside of school, Flores enjoys playing guitar and recording music. He also spends time playing retro video games from Nintendo and Sega.His two dogs, Flowers and Mr. Beefers, and two cats, Mittens and Pumpkin, keep his family and him company at home.