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MUSIC FESTIVALS:Soundset and Warped Tour bring artists from around the U.S. to Minnesota

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Imagine all your favorite bands, in one venue, playing their best songs.
We all have our favorite bands and it stinks going to see your favorite band play once, for $30 dollars. Whereas Warped Tour allows you to pay around $35 and allows you to walk around all day, going to any of six stages to see upward of 80 bands perform. Artists performing vary from hardcore metal bands, like iwrestledabearonce, to Indie soloists like Into it Over It.
It’s set up like this: First you buy your tickets either online or at the gate, then you walk down the hill into the giant field at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, Minn. In the center you will find a giant blow-up display that projects all the bands’ names and where they will be playing next. Since there are so many bands performing most usually only play a 30-minute set, but it is well worth the ticket price.
Imagine this experience as being similar to a kid in a candy shop, however this candy shop is a little more hardcore. With headliners such as New Found Glory, All Time Low and YellowCard, this is going to be an event you don’t want to miss.
Senior Sam Reim is a newbie to Warped Tour but plans on making her first trek to the Minnesota event on July 8 with some friends.
“I’m not sure if I plan on moshing, but I am personally excited to see Taking Back Sunday and The Used perform,” Reim said.
If you can’t make it July 8 you also have a chance to go to the Milwaukee event on Aug. 1, but it’ll cost $47 dollars a ticket.
Sound Set is the hip/hop-rap version of Warped Tour; tickets cost $30, it’s in the same location as the Minnesota Warped Tour. Headliners include: Minnesotan local-atmosphere, Lupe Fiasco, and Ghostface Killah.
Sound Set veteran Moise has been to the event multiple times.
“My brother and I would always go for his birthday,” Moise said.
That being said Moise stated she would not be going this year because “the line-up is not exciting to me.”
Sound Set has a much smaller number of artists ranging around 35, but don’t let this question its entertainment value. On top of artists performing there are also spray painting exhibits, DJ battles, dance competitions, car shows and plenty of fair food.
“I really like the taco on a stick things they sold.” Moise said. “It reminds me a lot of the food at the freeborn county fair.”
Sound Set is set up similar to Warped Tour in that the lineup of bands is projected somewhere on location.
“They usually list the bands from basically best to worst on the sign, the better/more popular bands play last,” explained Moise.
There is no age limit for these events, but make sure when you go you are careful, because many of the concert goers enjoy moshing and many attend whilst under the influence.
When asked for any last advice Moise said “Just make sure you push your way to the front, the closer you are to the front the better the concert is.”

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MUSIC FESTIVALS:Soundset and Warped Tour bring artists from around the U.S. to Minnesota