“Be the Energy”


Throughout my High School career, I have taken part in the Albert Lea Clay Target Team. At the beginning of this year, I was nominated to be one of the team captains. Our team meets every Sunday at the Owatonna gun range. Before the league begins, the team gathers in a circle while our coach, Jeff Laskoske, gives us advice, weather tips, and different motivational speeches. After he is done speaking, captains get a moment with the team to share advice. I remember being a freshman and looking up to my captains. After our meetings, we split into squads to start shooting. I have made so many memories with my team and am so thankful I joined! I feel honored to be a part of a great team. With my leadership skills in action, I also decided to join Student Council. 

Most recently, I was approached by the Albert Lea High School Student Council president and asked to lead the school food drive. I was dedicated to advancing justice in our high school and town by making sure food was available for everyone. I talked to my friends, students in FLEX, and on the PAWS, about how food is a basic need. With the help of Mrs. Netzer, the entire Student Council, the principal, and a previous advisor, I set a goal to collect lots of food and money. We rallied together and made signs encouraging others to donate non-perishable food or money. There were incentives and fun challenges to inspire students to donate. It really felt like the students and teachers were filled with a spirit of giving and it felt great to be a part of it. At the end of the food drive, our school crushed our goal and donated 877 pounds of food and over $3000 in cash. My dad and sister helped me deliver the donations to the Salvation Army.  Being a part of different activities has allowed me to learn different skills and make a difference in my school and community! 

Another one of my highlights this year was being nominated for the Wall of Inspiration. I was nominated by one of my teachers and a close friend for being positive, putting others before myself, and caring for others. I was honored to be nominated and it means a lot to know I make a difference in my school. For my tile on the wall I chose to include the quote, “Be the energy you want to attract.” I put my happy energy out into the world and I want to attract like-minded people. I was truly humbled by this experience, and I hope students who see my tile in years to come feel inspired to put their happy energy out there too.