Some say that purpose is what keeps you tied down to this earth, that it is the reason you wake up every morning and ultimately what you leave behind when you die. I like to think about purpose differently, people tend to think about purpose as an individual thing, something unique to them and only them.

We as humans really only have one purpose and that is to survive. I know it is not very optimistic but if you think about it, we are all on this earth to die, like it or not it is our purpose in this world. No one is special; we all play into this ongoing cycle of life then death.  As much as you would like to think you pick your purpose you do not, humans like all other creatures were put on this earth to survive then die. 

Your animals, your career, your children, your dreams it’s all nice but it’s not your purpose. We as humans like to think highly of ourselves as individuals but at the end of the day we are the same. We were all meant to do the same things, to fill in a spot on the circle of life and inevitably meet the same fate of death just like all other living things.

Although I do stand by my point that we are all the same on the grander spectrum of life, I do believe that we as people have our own minds and do function differently than other species so we are lucky in the fact that we have free will and get to do what we want with it. I still believe that our purpose in life is to survive, but in survival, love, friends and family are nice to have because they make the time we are alive just a little more tolerable.