None of your Bees Wax

Students in high school constantly get involved in each other’s business. Whether it is intentional, or they just happen to overhear hear things in halls, classes or wherever they may be. Once people hear these things, they tell their friends. Then those friends could tell other people and the cycle continues. Just like the telephone game, facts change with each telling or people change the story, trying to make it more interesting. Even if initially no one meant to gossip, this is how rumors start and are spread. 

Everyone is guilty of talking about other people. You could be a very nice person and still have bad things to say about someone. It is considered normal in high school and in life. This is a normalcy that should be changed, but sadly, that change most likely won’t happen any time soon. 

Personally, when someone has bad things to say about me, I try to laugh it off. I do not like to show that I am upset because then I’m giving them exactly what they wanted. In reality, it does make me upset. I have heard rumors about myself that aren’t true in the slightest which makes me wonder how many versions of this one rumor is going around. 

Then I contribute to the cycle. When I hear about who is spreading or starting these rumors I get defensive. Then I say some bad things about these people. I understand it is wrong and is something I need to fix about myself, but this is just proof of how invasive an issue this is.

I believe that ranting about what someone has said and/or done is not talking bad about them. Our feelings are valid and sometimes you need to be able to talk about your experiences with others. You need to keep your intention in mind when discussing this. As long as things aren’t being exaggerated to make them sound worse, this is not a bad thing. People also may need to know what someone has said/done for their own wellbeing, and this communication can sometimes alleviate conflict.  

In the end, I believe that what other people do is none of your beeswax. Let people live their lives however they choose to. If they chose to do something that you may not agree with or like, who cares? You do not have to copy or repeat their actions. Do whatever you feel is right, and let others do the same.