Netflix has kicked off the year with a show that is quite unique. Kaleidoscope is one of Netflix’s most recent shows and might even be one of its more intriguing. I’m saying that because it gives you a new perspective on how to view shows. In this particular show, you can watch the episodes in any order. 


The episodes are generated in a random order, leaving the heist episode, white for last. This gives every viewer a different experience from person to person. Every episode is a piece of the puzzle that you yourself have to put together. 


Each episode takes place in a different time featuring different events that lead up to or follow the heist. There are episodes ranging from 24 years before the heist to 2 weeks after.


Though the concept is unique the execution or the lack thereof is not for me. The spacing and contrast in times make it hard to follow along and quite frankly made me not want to finish. I also don’t see the appeal of the characters and see no character development. Those who are abusive stay abusive, those who are clueless stay clueless and I hate it.


I personally wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a good attention span, enjoy unlikeable characters and very slow paced suspense.