Meet The Managers

Cold weather has come, and for ALHS student-athletes, this means that it is time for winter sports to begin. Since mid-November, they have been traveling to away games to compete against other teams while defending our school at home games with the support of the student section. 

But who is behind these hard-working players? Who helps them get prepared and stay on track? Of course, there are the coaches to thank, but there’s also help from the team managers. 

The managers are in charge of bringing water bottles, keeping scores, keeping an eye on the clock, attending practices and games and so much more. Let’s give our managers some recognition. 

The upcoming winter sports include, girls and boys’ hockey, girls and boys’ basketball, boys’ swim, wrestling, and dance. 

The girls’ hockey team started their season with their first game against Fairmont. The game ended with a tie of 2-2.  Abby Chalmers (12) and Jenna Balfe (9) are the girls hockey managers. Chalmers shared about her responsibilities as a manager. 

“On game days, we make sure everything gets loaded up onto the bus,” she said. “We count out water bottles to make sure all the girls have water for the bus home. We set up a tripod on the stands and film so the girls can watch themselves play and figure out what they need to improve upon.” 


The boys’ hockey team started off their season by tying 3-3 in their first game against Mankato West. Jaya Stout (11)  is one of the managers for boys’ hockey. As the only varsity manager, Stout has a lot of responsibilities.

“I wash the guys’ jerseys, fill up their water bottles, if they ever need tape or scissors, I’m already on it,” she said. “I’m basically running back and forth for anything they need.” 

Stout became a manager because she knew she wanted to be a part of the team. 

“I really fell in love with hockey, and I also get along really well with the guys,” she said. 


The wrestling team had a great start to their season and had their first win against John Marshall.

Brooke Hanson (12) is one out of the four wrestling managers. 

“Our responsibilities are to take stats, record every match and make sure we have everything with us,” said Hanson. Hanson’s sisters and friends inspired her to become a manager, and she really enjoys helping the wrestling team.

“My friend Aliyah (Studier) manages, and she just asked me to come one day and I did,” she said. 


                  The boys’ swim team’s season recently began with a meet against Austin. Paige Everett (10) is one of the boys swim managers.  

                   “I help them (the swimmers) if they need to go get something and they are doing their work out,” she said. “I help put the flags and clocks so they have everything set and ready, help the coach organize and get everything ready.”


The boys’ basketball team started off their season by driving to Stewartville to compete. The team has three managers including Wendy Lazaro (12), Wendy Ambriz (12) and Hailey Strom (12). Lazaro has been managing the team for several years.