Tiger’s Roar: Sign Up Now


Can you sing?

Can you dance?

Do you have a talent for on-stage magic?

Can you juggle or ride a unicycle… while juggling? And can what your juggling be bowling pins, or better yet, bowling balls? 


Tiger’s Roar is back! 

Last year the COVID-19 pandemic put a quick end to the annual ALHS talent show, Tiger’s Roar, right before opening night. Even with the longer than 75 year tradition being put on pause last year, put on pause last year, choir director Diane Heaney is determined to give students a chance to shine. Here is your second chance to show off your hidden, or not so hidden talent.

“We have had opportunities for our athletes, and now it is time for others to shine as well!” said Heaney, the coordinator and director of Tiger’s Roar.  “Anyone is welcome and encouraged.”

(There is no rule against tight rope walking while playing the bassoon.)


The deadline to sign up is Friday, April 9th. To sign up and get more information, talk to Heaney in the music suite. 

This year’s show will be different from previous years, either with a limited-seating live show or an online event. Either way, this is YOUR chance to show off your talent. Don’t worry if your bassoon is a little out of tune or your unicycle is a little rusty, just be yourself and take the opportunity to showcase your talent. Whether it’s a musical performance, a dance routine, a comedy sketch or anything else entertaining, make sure to sign up before it’s too late.

“You can’t always wait for the next year as we have experienced; sometimes you don’t get that chance so the TIME IS NOW!” said Haney. “Go for it!