New Teacher Feature: Jennifer Kafka


“I love the social sciences,” said Jennifer Kafka, one of the newest additions to the Social Studies department. 

Kafka, better known as Mrs. Kafka or Mrs. K, is new to the ALHS second-floor E-house. However, you may recognize this Winnebago-grown teacher from her semester of student teaching with Kurt Barickman last year. She loved it here and didn’t want to leave. Kafka teaches ninth-grade World History and eleventh-grade U.S. History.

Kafka received her degree in social sciences from the University of Iowa and later went on to study teaching at Minnesota State University – Mankato.

In high school, Kafka’s favorite subject was sociology. “I love to look at the big picture and ask questions as to why it is,” she said.

Kafka participated in German club and Speech throughout high school. She didn’t spend all of her extracurricular time critical thinking, she also was involved in cross country and her school’s track team. Now Kafka enjoys traveling and spending time with her dog, Ben, and her cat, Fry. 

Kafka believes the biggest thing students can do for themselves is to believe in their own capabilities and to see their own worth. How you treat others can make a critical impact and she advises everyone to “just be kind.”