2020 Seniors Say Goodbye


Fellow seniors, the end of our high school days are here and I think we can all agree the past four years have been a trip we probably won’t forget. These last few months hit us with something we never anticipated or thought could happen, a global pandemic.
Congratulations ladies and gentlemen, we made it!
We’ll start this last 2020 article with memories from the senior class. A lot of people would think of junior prom, previous competitive game wins from field days like powder puff or dodgeball, or simply just sitting in the class of some of our favorite teachers. A few decided to get more specific.
Magdalyn Eggum said, “Every single home football game. I looked forward to FNLs more than my own birthday. I am really going to miss losing feeling in my toes every night.”
Cole Indrelie said, “Being brought to [Officer] Herman’s office after going to the bathroom with my buddies Braden Kraft and Koby Hendrickson. We did nothing bad; it was just a ritual we did everyday.”
Isabella Hill said, “Earning good grades after I never thought I would.”
I’m sure a few people can relate when I say high school can be overwhelming. As freshmen you’re figuring out what you want to do with your life, you get more responsibilities, and you’re going through puberty. Here are some tips for everyone that’s just trying to get through the next years of their high school career.
Andrea Larson said, “Don’t disrespect your teachers, they only want the best for you. Give them a chance and never be afraid to talk to new people they could become some of your closest friends.”
Morgan Swarts said, “Don’t stress over everything, just take a minute to breathe and start over.”
Odelia Jensen said, “So long as you stay on top of your homework and we don’t have another world-wide pandemic you’ll be fine.”
Finally, our last words.
Skye Jensen said, ”Only thing worse than saying goodbye, is not being able to say goodbye at all – Seniors 2020.”
Carley Talamantes said, “Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow.”
Samuel Yoon said, “Women and sandwiches: they always surprise. They’re more complicated than burgers or fries…or guys.”