Letter to the Editor for Haley

Dear Haley,
There are no words to express that could completely capture the impact you have had on the Ahlahasa staff this school year. You are so dedicated to the work that we do, and I can see the passion that is behind each and every article you pour your heart into. You are such an amazing writer and editor and I have looked up to you so much, and strive to be something even close to what you have put forth this year.
You are the kind of person that works towards a goal, and doesn’t stop until they achieve it. You are hardworking, amiable, reliable, considerate, and rather witty – all characteristics that make you the wonderful editor that you are. You were there for us when we were having trouble with deadlines on staff and also there for any person when they just needed a person to talk to. I am so glad that we became such good friends this year. You have made a bigger impact on me than you think
Your passion for journalism is something to admire, you have shown me the ideal attitude and outlook to be a reporter this year and editor next year. You have taught me to be brave and go outside my comfort zone and to listen to my gut and make the right decisions – no matter the consequences in the end. You have taught me what it means to be a good writer and a person that someone can always come to for help, and I hope those qualities will make me a good editor when it comes my time.
But it’s time for you to move on, go to college, meet new people and join a new staff; become the journalist that we see on all the big newspapers. The staff that you leave behind this year will continue to grow and become something, I hope will make you proud.
Haley, you will be missed. I will cherish all the great moments that we have shared together, we have been through it all. Those memories will stay with me forever. You have made a lasting impression on me and the rest of the Ahlahasa staff. Thank you for keeping us in check this year. Your sassy remarks will be greatly missed. Saying goodbye always is a dismal thing to do. But it’s not goodbye forever, just for now. Don’t forget about us, I hope you come back to visit to share your gained knowledge of the world beyond high school. Have fun and good luck!
Morgan Bjorklund, 2019 Ahlahasa Editor