Greta Hagen

High school has been a great time for me. It’s been filled with laughter, tears, and excitement. But by far the best part of my high school experience are the memories that I’ve made along the way. My personal favorite is the time at the solo and ensemble competition at Lakeville South when I didn’t practice my solo, like, at all. My teacher wrongfully trusted me with a beautiful, long, and difficult piece called “Of Scene and Air”. The song was approximately eight minutes long and full of high notes. The day of the competition came and somehow I played the first half beautifully! But then the squeaks came. I had played for too high and for too long and my nasal pallet gave out so all you could hear is me snorting. And if that wasn’t bad enough I got nervous. And when I get nervous my nose starts to run and I turn red. So I’m just standing in front of my teacher and a judge snorting and snot running down my face super embarrassed. Finally the end of the song came and I managed to squeak out one note. I hurried out of the room and avoided my teacher until I got to pick up my score. I got a “Good” out of pity and to this day it is one of my least proud moments and my favorite story to tell.