Alec Wendelboe


I’m sure you’re expecting the cliche words from the average senior about moving onto a new chapter of their life, but I will not be saying those words now. The door is finally closing behind us as we’ve anticipated for such a long time. We are finally beginning to become real adults. It’s actually pretty weird to think about. While high school has been the majority of my life I don’t feel I’m going to miss it. High school is just a place. It means nothing to me. It’s the people that you have evolved with through your five years that truly give value to these halls. Friends and enemies alike have morphed you into a new version of yourself. The sport is never what really matters, it’s the team. The teachers that have poured their heart out to you, successfully or not, have altered your view on the world. Looking back I am nowhere near the person I was when I began in High School, and I am proud of that. Above all, you have made yourself into a different person. Every choice you have made has helped to sculpt the person that stands in the mirror. Regret no choice and never be saddened by an experience. This is your time to live your life, seize your moment.