Nominees Inducted on the Wall of Inspiration

The Wall of Inspiration ceremony which took place on Mar. 30 marked the 14 year of honoring people who are an inspiration to others. Brian, Kathy and Laura Kuphal came up with the idea in 2004 after their son, Josh, passed away due his spina bifida.
This year ten people were inducted on the wall. They were Rowan Kraft, Therese Netzer, Dora Ogunkanbi, Karol Hansen, Brenda De Rosas, Steve Alford, Ethan Eriksmoen, Christian Talamantes, Romario Rosas and Andrew Huerta-Ortiz. The inductees were seated on a stage behind past inductees.
After the ceremony, each inductee received a t-shirt with Josh’s logo on it. It shows him on zooming his wheelchair. This represented how he lived his life with grace, passion, humility and honor.
Since in the past 14 years from the start of the Wall of Inspiration 115 people have been inducted into the wall. With this year’s inductees the addition of tile holding racks were needed adding up to a total of 125 tiles on the wall. 125 stories have now been shared to keep inspiring not only Albert Lea High school students but the community as well.