Women Want Equality

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In a almost snowball effect, the resurgence of women empowerment has come full force within the past year. The dawn of a new political, physical and equal era for women’s rights has risen from many different corners of the globe and women of every age and race have joined together in marches, protests and most commonly, through social media.
What was sparked by the inauguration of President Donald Trump, who has allegedly been accused by 22 women of sexual misconduct. The women’s rights movement has seen a revival beginning with the Women’s March in 2017 which was held the day after Trump’s inauguration. According to USA Today, the Women’s March saw participation from over two million people around the world.
The #Metoo movement was sparked on Twitter and spread to different social media platforms of women sharing their stories of sexual harassment and demonstrated the widespread cases of sexual misconduct. Women told their stories by connecting through the tag #metoo.
In the wake of a series of women coming forward with sexual allegations against many powerful men such as co-founder of Miramax (an entertainment company) and film producer Harvey Weinstein, the #Metoo movement provides comfort to victims and a unity for those fighting for justice and equality.
To show solidarity for the widespread abuse of women in Hollywood, the Times Up movement emerged. Beginning on January 1 when the New York Times published a letter signed by 300 prominent actresses, directors, writers and other distinguished people in the entertainment industry. This letter pledged support for women who have faced inequality and sexual harassment in the workplace.
In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations, Times Up was created to lift up women, as well as creating a legal defense fund for survivors and raising millions of dollars.
The first public demonstration of this movement when much of the focus of the 75th Golden Globe awards was on the nominees and guests dawning a black dress code and pins with adorning the name of this initiative: “Times Up”.
The Grammys were also a platform for entertainers in the music industry voice their message of women’s rights, where nominees and guests wore white roses to protest the sexual misconduct in the industry. While the message of Time’s Up was mostly absent from the ceremony, an empowering few words about women and the integrity of their mission in equality were made by singer Janelle Monae before she joined fellow singer Kesha in the performance of “Praying.”
The #Metoo and Times Up movements provide more than just women coming together, these simple words join all people regardless of class or race. They are the reminders that even though society has changed and social constructs have changed, there is still work to be done. There are still voices silenced, there are still women who have much to say and there still those who deserve to rise again from the forgotten era of women’s liberation and into the new millenia of a stronger, more connected mission of equality.

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