March for Our Lives

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As students we should unite forces to make a change for ourselves. It is this kind of activism that obligates, not only our government, but our schools to create the change we need.
Students across the nation are prepared for natural disasters. In the 1950s students were trained in the ‘duck and cover’ method for bombings. We now should be taught how to react in case of a shooting. It is imperative that students are aware of the correct procedure if a shooting occurred. Our district is implementing ALICE training to help us.
Stricter gun policies should be in place to prevent such occurrences. Right now in America people who are known ISIS sympathizers are legally allowed to purchase firearms. Guns are being given to our enemies and we are doing nothing about it. That is something that needs to be changed. In 2012 Executive Vice President of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, said the only way to save people from shootings is to have a good person with a gun. No action has been taken to ensure weapons don’t end in the wrong hands and no action has been taken to increase funds for security in schools.
No student anywhere should have to worry if it could be their last day alive just walking into school. School needs to be a place of learning and growth, not of violence. Things need to change and they need to change now. The Never Again campaign sparked activism in students across the country.
Due to current legislation and broken policies, this feeling of safety has been pulled out from underneath us. School shootings are not any different than a terrorist attack yet the government that we are supposed to rely on has taken no action to prevent them.
Since Sandy Hook there has been at least 239 shooting nationwide. 428 innocent people shot and 138 of those dead. There has been 17 school shooting in the first two months of 2018 and students are deciding to make a change for themselves.
A 17 minute silent protest is set for March 14 for the 17 victims of the Majority Stoneman Douglas High School and a nationwide march on March 24. Enough prayers and thoughts have been sent, we now need actions.

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