Can the Gladers Evade WCKD?


Does human life mean nothing if it benefits the greater good?
The question of what is right or wrong constantly builds the events in the film. Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) and his friends were WCKD’s experiment. In a desperate attempt to find a cure for a disease that threatens to take out the entire human race WCKD (World Catastrophe Killzone Department) conducts many human experiments like the maze itself for example.
Thomas and his friends just want to find a safe ‘haven’, but in a way that’s what WCKD is doing too. They just want to find a cure so they can survive. Is there a point where morality and ethics should be pushed to the side in order to survive? WCKD seems to play God engaging in horrifying tests on teenagers who are immune to the disease and determining who is worth sacrificing for their “justified” cause.
“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” is a post-apocalyptic science- fiction film based on the book series by James Dashner. For those of you who have read the third book of the Maze Runner Trilogy prepare to be disappointed. This film does not seem to do the popular book series justice.
Thomas led the Gladers on a very dangerous mission to save their friends and Runner Minho (Ki Hong Lee) who has been captured by the evil corporation WCKD. The Gladers had already attempted to save Minho in an intense scene. In the opening scene the Gladers steal part of a train that was heading towards the Last City filled with teenagers immune to the Flare. In order to save Minho they will need to break into the Last City surrounded by a wall in order to keep the infected out. Inside the city they will require the help of Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) the only girl to ever be in the Maze. The Flare is a man-made disease. A virus that when infected creates zombie like creatures called Cranks. The virus slowly eats away at the brain and makes people cannibalistic and irrational. With hordes of zombies and WCKD around every corner, the Gladers face many obstacles in the attempt to save a friend; however, Cranks and grievers were something they did not have to worry about this time.
Young director Wes Ball has only directed three other movies before the Maze Runner series. T.S.Nowlin (screenwriter) has only worked on two other movies outside of the Maze Runner series.
The film was different from the books in a lot of ways. Some character roles were reversed and minor characters from the books took the spotlight in the film. Doctor Ava Paige, a mysterious character in the book trilogy, became an important and crucial character in the movie.
Originally planned to come out in 2017 the movie production had to be postponed due to O’Brien getting hurt on set. O’Brien apparently fell off the back of a set that was supposed to be the back of the train. He suffered a fracture when he fell on his face. The movie first premiered in South Korea where actor Lee was born.
With chips on their shoulders, the rebels from outside the city walls break in. There is only one thing on their minds: revenge. They are mad at being abandoned and left outsides the walls of the seemingly utopian” city. Many overdramatic and intense scenes filled with explosions, fire, and guns fill the movie. A movie that anybody could enjoy, but fans of the books might not have enjoyed it so much. Many iconic scenes from the book had been cut and replaced with new scenes. The scene where the bus is hanging by the crane and even the opening scene of the movie never even happened in the book. Change is good; although, if it is changed it too much and it just becomes something unrecognizable.