Athletes Recognized for Character

Albert Lea Tigers are no ordinary athletes. Tigers are defined by their integrity, dedication, pride, skill and their passion for their sports. Anyone can be an athlete but it take true dedication to be a Tiger. Albert Lea staff and coaches want to recognize student athletes who go above and beyond for Tiger pride.


Senior Sean Wadding

Not many students would go as far out of their way to help the basketball team as Sean Wadding has according to Coach Lucas Novosad. Wadding has a mindset of wanting to leave places cleaner then when he arrived.
“There is not one player who works harder or is more respectful to his teammates, coaches, and opposing players and coaches,” said Novosad. “What separates Sean from others is his willingness to do the dirty work no one else wants to.”
Wadding has picked up trash and cleaned toilets to make sure that janitors and coaches don’t have to do all the work themselves. Wadding started playing basketball when he was a 6-year-old.
Wadding’s father and uncle played basketball so since he grew up around the sport he became highly interested by it. Now Wadding has been an Albert Lea Tiger for years.
“Being able to play and just being able to do what you want [is something I love about basketball]” said Wadding.
Wadding said he is inspired by his dad and uncle to become a better basketball player.


Sophomore Katelyn Steven

Katelyn Steven, sophomore, has been playing hockey since she was a 6-year-old. Steven saw her cousin playing hockey and decided to give it a try.
“Katie has been a fundamental part of our program rebuild this season,” said Coach Josh Funk. “Every day she comes to the rink ready to work hard and improve. She brings a sense of integrity and responsibility in everything she does. [She] always has a smile on her face.”
The smile that Steven displays is only mirrored by her prowess in the rink according to Funk.
“Being in a group of girls that will be there for you and be there to support you [is something I love about hockey],” said Steven. “My teammates inspire me to be the best I can be.”
Steven does not take the game lightly. She has the hard working mindset that defines an ALHS Tiger.


Senior Allison Christenson

Allison Christenson started playing basketball in her fourth grade year because the game seemed like fun. She has been a player ever since and her mother has really inspired her to try as hard as she can.
“She is the quiet player that leads by example on the court,” says Coach Karol Hansen. “She plays the game with a lot of heart, integrity, respect and [for] the fun of the game.”
Coach Hansen said that Christenson’s personality on the court is just as kind as when you see her in person. Even when Christenson isn’t scoring points Hansen says she still always holds her team together.
Christenson displays an integrity that is second nature for any true ALHS Tiger. She connects her team together in a bond like family while maintaining a respect for her peers.
“The connection you get with all the girls and having a close family,” said Christenson.