Speech Team Returns to ALHS


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Members of the Speech team look forward to growing as a group and having a successful season this year.

Speech Team is a new club that recently formed at Albert Lea High School. The advisors of the team are counselor, Sarah Fischer,  and Thomas Delano, an E. ALHS used to have a speech team, but ended due to a lack of interest.

“I spoke to several students and staff and when I found that there was enough interest in it, I decided to start the team back up again,” said Fischer.

In Speech Team, students learn how to confidently speak to an audience which can be helpful in everyday life. They can spend several weeks mastering a specific piece.

“Speech is so great because there’s a little something for everyone – whether your interests are speaking on current events, discussing solutions to a problem, or portraying a different character, there will be a category on Speech Team that can match those interests,” said Fischer.

Junior, Gigi Otten enjoys being a part of Speech Team. She joined Speech Team because

“It’s like playing a solo for solo/ensemble, but in Speech Team, you use your words,” Said Otten.

Students are interested in Speech Team because they want to be able to speak in public.

Junior, Julissa Gilbertson said, “I want to improve my speech writing.”

Speech Team is a Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) activity. The team travels travel to other schools in Minnesota to attend tournaments and compete against other schools in the state.

The team is hopeful they will have an successful season.

“I hope to establish a sense of comradery amongst this year’s team. Even though it is generally an individually entered competition, developing a team-approach where we support each other, encourage each other and celebrate each other’s successes is very important,” said Fischer. “I am excited to see the growth of students from the start of a season to the end (or even from year to year). Seeing students become more confident writers and speakers makes all of the time invested worth it. The skills students develop in Speech will follow them throughout college, their career, etc.”

Anyone still looking to join Speech Team this year should try to get in contact with Fischer as soon as possible since the season is already underway.