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Procrastination is often seen as a negative thing that only lazy people do. Yet just about everyone does it. At some point or another even you have procrastinated. It’s not all bad, sometimes it’s even a way to put your full effort into work.
Even I, as I am writing this article, have procrastinated until the very last second, but as you can see, this is a pretty dang good article. Other ways that procrastination helps me is I get to have more me time. Without it I and many other people would become way too overwhelmed with our class loads and end up not getting anything done at all. If you get too overwhelmed you just start to give up and you don’t really try on your assignments.
This is why it is better to put off your work sometimes. Now I’m not saying that you should always put off things until the last minute, but it doesn’t hurt to now and again. Sometimes I need to just go home and cool down after a long day of school work and just kick back without having to think about the 786 other things that I really should be doing.
I’m willing to bet that other kids in this school have completely broken down from the stress of the day when your teacher assigns way too many projects and you don’t have enough time to put your full effort in. It doesn’t even have to be school work that you feel like you need to get away from, it can even be hanging out with friends or being around family. I know that I need to put aside time to socialize, but quite frankly I just like being alone. According to Elite daily, fear means something important is about to happen. If you sometimes put off your work, the fear of failing can give you that extra boost of motivation to get you through even your toughest assignments.

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