Hope for Houston


In the wake of massive devastation in Texas by hurricane Harvey, which caused catastrophic flooding and stripped millions of people of their livelihoods, there is an outpouring of sympathy and aid for the victims of Harvey across the country. A group of 8th grade student volunteers at Albert Lea High School are joining the relief effort to help the victims of Harvey.
“We’re trying to raise money to help the people in Houston to get fresh water and clothing,” said 8th grader Marren Worman. “They [victims in Houston] have nothing. We should try to help them.”
Spearheaded by Mr. Novosad, the group’s first fundraising event was on Sept. 12. The students placed bake goods in the teachers’ lounge for teachers to take and leave free will donations with each of the students contributing their own baked goods to the sale.
“I made chocolate chip cookies, said 8th grader Gracie Enser, who has a personal connection to Houston. “I wanted to help out and I was born there.”

The group has expanded their efforts to hosting a school wide food drive to send to Houston where they collected roughly 2600 items. The group was led to a company through the Red Cross that would take the various food, water and basic necessities they collected to Texas.
“Really it was establishing connections and just looking into the different aid organizations around Albert Lea,” explained Novosad. “There are lots of opportunities for students to give their time.”
As to how other students at the high school can help with relief efforts, money donations to the Red Cross or the Salvation Army is suggested, and if possible, donating your time to shelters helps.
“Even though this little thing (food drive) is done, it doesn’t mean you should stop looking for opportunities to help out,” said Novosad. “My hope is that those kids will also go out and find those opportunities.”