International Students Come to ALHS- Pipat Buntharaksa


Pipat Buntharaksa, or “Big,” is another 11th grade exchange student. He is from Southern Thailand. Both he and Jan Stolz share a host family. Buntharaksa didn’t chose Minnesota but the organization “International Experiences” did.
“I wanted to come to America because I wanted to be in a new environment and a new country to gain more experiences,” said Buntharaksa.
If he were to choose a different country, he would have chosen Norway for its beautiful scenery. The biggest problem he has faced since he’s been here is listening to people because it is difficult to learn a new language. While the language was troublesome, the food was familiar.
“American food is very popular in Thailand so I’ve already tried it,” said Buntharaksa.
He is excited to join the school’s basketball team and have new experiences this year.