International Students Come to ALHS- Jan Stoltz


Jan Stolz, a 16 year old from Switzerland, is one of the new foreign exchange students in the 11th grade here at Albert Lea High School. Originally, Jan did not choose Minnesota but the organization, International Experiences, chose for him and he says he is glad to be here.
If he were to choose a different country to go to, it would be Australia.
“They are also English speaking and I hear it is beautiful,” said Stolz.
So far he has had no problem finding new friends and is a defense player on the football team. The biggest challenge he has faced is being in his chemistry and English classes. “It’s hard it get along in school with chemistry and English,” said Stolz
The biggest shock was the food and how different it was health wise. Stolz is excited to watch the Vikings games, and to play football with his team this year.