“And We’re Still Alive”

Review of Stevie Nicks concert in Chicago, Illinois


On Dec. 3, I had the privilege of seeing Stevie Nicks, an award-winning American legend. She is best known for her work with Fleetwood Mac and her solo career, beginning with the album “Bella Donna”. At 68, Nicks still displays her youth in her long blonde hair. Her ageless voice is still as rich as the one recorded on her albums 40 years ago.

The concert took place at the United Center; which was the perfect venue for Stevie. The lighting was creative and every song had an intriguing display. The art used in the light display captured the essence and emotion in each song.
The Pretenders opened the concert. This was a band famous around the same time as Nicks. The band got the crowd riled and ready for Stevie Nicks, with songs like “Brass in pocket”, “Message of Love”, and “I’ll Stand by You”
The fans in attendance ranged from teenage to white-haired folks. In fact, an elderly couple was visible in the first row. My mother, aunt, my cousin and I were together.
My mother had passed the love for Stevie down to me. I can recall singing and dancing around the living room as a small child to “Edge of Seventeen” while my mother cleaned the house. That song is my favorite Stevie Nicks song today. Stevie is truly a kind and beautiful person, and the lead singer of The Pretenders agreed so.
“I shouldn’t swear in front of Stevie’s audience, she’s so sweet and I’m such a dog,” said Chrissie Hynde while on stage.
The combination of The Pretenders and Stevie Nicks brought modern love of music to rock and roll classics. Stevie and Chrissie Hynde even did a duet together performing, “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”.
The best part was the flow of the songs. Nicks put her whole heart and soul into presenting a spectacular show. Her last song, “Edge of Seventeen” is a beloved upbeat song, and left the crowd begging for more. The encore then included “Rhiannon”, which is also upbeat, and prepared the audience for the solemnity of the last song, “Landslide”. This song is a beautiful lullaby that satisfied the electrified crowd.
If there is any proof that legends never die, it would be this concert.