Grease Comes to ALHS


The “Grease” cast is ready to show off their talents. Nov. 17-19 students will be performing the musical “Grease” in the Albert Lea High School auditorium.
An outsider, Sandy moves to the U.S. and falls in love with Danny. She spends the summer with Danny and ends up going to the same school as him. Due to social cliches, they aren’t able to be together.
Justine Nelson, senior, got one of the lead roles in the play. She will be playing Sandy Dumbrowski. Nelson has been involved in the plays “Honk” and “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” and she has been in a few plays at the Marion Ross Theatre including “The Music Man.” She was also recently in a short film “Guilt.”
People involved in the musical have different reasons they like to do it. They like to sing, dance, act or meet new people. Nelson’s favorite part about the musical is the final product.
“I like seeing it come together because it is kind of stressful,” said Nelson.
“You don’t really know if everything will go smoothly and then when it does it is really fun.”
The cast get close while they do the musical. They see each other every day after school and they form friendships that will last a long time.
“I was in the musical last year and I had a blast,” said sophomore Maddie Schei, who plays a teen dropout. “We just become a huge family and I just want to be a part of that again.”
Tickets for the musical will go on sale before the show starts every day. You can find them being sold outside of the auditorium.
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