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From singing, to playing an instrument, to reading poetry and anything in between, Coffeehouse is a temple for the artistically inclined.

      While Tigers Roar displays students with exceptional talent and courage, Coffeehouse focuses on students expressing themselves to their peers with different forms of art such as music, writing, or anything in between. It’s a toned-down event, where snaps replace claps.

      As well as allowing students to see into the hearts and minds of the performers, beverages and snacks are sold near the stage, as well as the iMag.

      “Coffee House is so personal and less pressure,” said senior Kyle Neidermeier. “It’s really cool especially when people read their poetry for the whole audience to hear. Really inspiring.”

      Neidermeier has been performing in Coffeehouse since he was in eighth grade, and he stated that every experience has been positive and different.

      “If you want to perform in front of a calm and relaxed audience,” Neidermeier said, “just do it.”

      But Coffeehouse isn’t just for the upperclassmen. It is open and welcome to any ALHS student of any grade. Sophomores Ella Zelenak and Natalie Nafzger performed in 2015 by singing for a receptive and mature audience.

      “It was really fun!” Nafzger said. “The coffee was good, the cupcakes were awesome, and the six guys singing a Taylor Swift song was really funny.”

      “If you want to perform in Coffeehouse and show people your talent in a comfortable space, then you should do it.” Zelenak said. “No one judges you.”

      According to sophomores Ally Johnson and Courtney Hunt, some of the most notable performances have been students rapping and singing together. And all the while, it remained relaxed and appreciative in the audience.

      The atmosphere of Coffeehouse is known to be a soothing place where coffee and cupcakes will be sold, as well as the long-awaited iMag, full of art and poetry, created by students. All of the money used to purchase refreshments and the iMag goes toward paying for the iMag itself and other publications activities.

      Coffeehouse isn’t just for the performers; it’s for everybody.


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