Artist Name: NejiShadow2051 aka Salem     I'm an artist of eight and a half years. I started out drawing Sonic and have slowly gained the ability to draw some semblance to the human figure. I tend to draw characters I respect and look up to, rather than originals. I enjoy drawing characters from the Rockman, Sonic, and VOCALOID synthesizer series, though there is many more fandoms I enjoy. I can't draw a background or hands, even to save my life. I draw almost 100% traditional, with one or two editor programs for when I scan them, so I'm not going to be as good as the professionals you see online all the time... or even the digital hobbyists *cough* Shadowfreak98 is pretty great *cough*. I do commissions and requests.     I listen to music all the time, and my taste is very eclectic, ranging from J-pop to Metal, back to electric synth. Some of my favorite musial artists are Owl City, Maretu, Sound Holic, Skrillex, CircusP, Crusher-P, and GHOST. Never feel afraid to ask what song I'm listening to, because I'm always up for introducing people to new bands and songwriters. I like to base my drawings on the songs I listen to.     I am not the best writer, and therefore I don't write often. But my grammar is meticulous. And I can't stand autocorrect. Even with these barriers, I am determined to write articles for the AlLaHaSa to the best of my ability. And maybe I'll actually finish one of my original stories... but I doubt it.     I'm a true born and raised Californian, even if I've spent more years here in MN than there. I hope to move back and find a college where I can try to get the proper english and arts degrees to pursue my dreams.     I don't tend to initiate conversation, so please don't think I'm rude. I just never know what to say. I prefer typing and drawing than actual person-to-person conversation. Thanks for your time ~  

Sabrina Hill, Artist

May 04, 2017
Face to Face: Standardized Testing (Photo)
Mar 23, 2017
I’d Rather be Eating Pizza (Story/Photo)
Feb 13, 2017
Face to Face: Valentine’s Day (Photo)
Albert Lea High School Newspaper